Gualtiero Marchesi: wines

Bellezza, verità, mito

L'ORO is white wine by definition.

Pop the cork.

Unleash freshness and life.

Quench the desires of even the most sophisticated thirst.

It's gilded wine-hue projects complete shades and tints of a sunbeam.

IL NERO and pork are perfect for your evening feast.

Nero’s delicate complexity will enhance the magnitude of your entrée.


Cultural notes: Leonardo Da Vinci named “Nero” the most prestigious textile used only for designing elegant high-society fashion.

The famous painting Monna Lisa and other masterpieces are adorned with Nero.

L'APERTO: the grapes have been crafted and looked after until yielding the typical pink hue.


The renowned Pasta alla Carbonara along with Aperto is a starting point for an expedition into aroma, taste and bouquet.

Wine-labels are reproduced from the works of Paola Marchesi



Italian-style and flavors

The Gualtiero Marchesi Treasure Chest contains both his three wine wonders and his personally conceived Italian Cutlery Pieces.

This cutlery is in Electroplated nickel silver.



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